Dry docking sydney
Dry docking sydney
Dry docking sydney 2017-08-08T07:41:13+00:00

Sydney Boat Transport is the esteemed company that provides the extraordinary Dry-Docking services in Sydney. Dry Dock is the dangerous process that has to be done taking utmost care. In this process, the boat is taken out from water and place on the blocks to get repaired. We make sure that the blocks on which the boat rests are in excellent condition or not. We execute various safety process during dry docking


  • We make sure to keep the firefighting equipment ready
  • We check whether the fire detectors and alarms are in good condition
  • CO2 total flooding door is locked
  • Our employees follow all the safety measure like wearing safety shoes, helmet, overalls, safety goggles, ear mufflers, and gloves.
  • We make sure that exits are clearly marked
  • We will start the work only when we get all the permits
  • We also check the condition of the lifting gears and ensure that they are in good working condition.

The main objective behind the dry docking is to ensure the proper operation of the ships and maintain their class license. All the machinery like structural machinery and other components are subjected to inspection to ensure the sea worthiness. It also plays an important role in servicing the ship which has encountered a damage in the water.

We have many years of experience in the dry-docking process and make sure to provide the exceptional and top dry-docking services. Contact us to get a free quote about booking the dry dock for your boat in Sydney.